Reneka Micro sieve

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The Micro Sieve has been approved as « best innovation » at the Equip’Hotel show in Paris.


Product is in stock and widely available.

Standard filter basket


micro sieve:



Hole size: 350my

Number of holes: 563

Open sieve area: 2,6%


Micro sieve:

Hole size: 170my

Number of holes: 15.000

Open sieve area: 14%




The hole size & number and the total open sieve area have a huge effect on the extraction (TDS). This makes sure that

you can:


-Extract all and more complex flavours


-It enhances the body


-Works in every espressomachinebrand


-No coffee residues

How can I get it?


Just drop an e-mail with your name and adress to:



The Micro sieve is now available for just

€ 31,35.

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